Startups don’t  issue company ID badges, HR paperwork, office keys or any of the other accoutrement of a corporate job.  No desk, no phone: often it’s  just you, your laptop and your personal mobile. But there’s one thing everyone should equip themselves with on day one:  a kevlar helmet and virtual shock absorbers. When things […]

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I had lunch today with an entrepreneur who has (another) great idea for an online business.  This is not his first rodeo, so spending two hours with him in the middle of the day was definitely not a waste of time.  In fact it was a fascinating, ass-kicking TED-Coachella-Kickstarter-Luau….for the brain.  Lunch was pretty good, […]

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As a newbie in the newsroom at CBS, I kept hearing the term “bigfoot”  used as a verb, as in “He was big-footed.” It had nothing to do with the size of someone’s shoe…it was the size of their ego. The Chief White House Correspondent would come in on a weekend to “big-foot” the weekend […]

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