Start Me Up: Tips, Tales, and Truths about Starting Up and Starting Over official pub date is June 21, 2021! It’s baked and broiled for six years, and it’s now ready to serve you. Like most writers, I don’t want to let it go, but it’s time, and the timing is fortuitous: Most of us are looking for a reset after our shared misery of social isolation, remote work, and, for many, no work at all.

It started as a deeply personal memoir, but then the marketer in me realized nobody wants to buy a memoir about someone they’ve never heard of. What could I do to make this book relevant, appealing, practical and useful? Good storytelling wasn’t enough, even if the stories were entertaining, and in some cases, embarrassing.

I decided to extract the lessons I’d learned from my successes and failures, and turn them into tips. So I’ve created a genre-bending business/memoir/self-help hybrid. This book is as hard to categorize as I am, so it’s perfectly on brand for me.

Along the way I’ve workshopped it with a group of Los Angeles writers, begged a professional editor in New York to give me some general advice, asked an old boyfriend—a genius and an avid reader—to give me a critique. Then I hired a screenwriter for the developmental edit: I thought she could help me tell my stories in a cinematic style(and someone might option it for a feature film, in my dreams). The screenwriter disappeared after a few months, so I hired another developmental editor, who is also a writer and copy editor.

Then I hired an additional copy editor, because I really don’t like reading books that have typos or grammatical errors. The cover and interior are designed by someone who used to work for the New York Times magazine. If you’re going to buy this book, you’re going to get some good content and good packaging.

This book has been through the fire, and so have I.

So far, so good: “While challenging many of the assumptions on how to start a new career or restart after failure, after reading this book, you can only feel that anything is possible,” wrote one of my advance readers.

If this book helps just one person find the courage to start that company they’ve always dreamed of, or start over after a business failure or a failed relationship, it will have all been worth it.

I’m inspired by the entrepreneur I birthed, my 22-year-old daughter. She is a fire dancer/flow artist, clothing designer, horse trainer, lyricist, and the most wonderful person I’ve ever known. You can read about her journey to entrepreneurship in Chapter 29.

If you buy it or borrow it from the library, please let me know. And if you need help now, reach out to me. Startup Jeannie is here to help start you up!

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