My story

My journey into startups began with a consulting gig for an e-commerce site, followed by another with a music charity platform, then as a team member for a natural food CPG company. Since then I have advised 100+ companies in tech, digital media, ed tech, fin tech, fitness, natural products, food and beverages, beauty, health and wellness, cannabis and other plant medicines,

I’ve been a writer, producer and director in television news, documentaries, and infomercials.

I have lived and worked in Asia, South America and Europe, and today I am based in Austin and Los Angeles.


Customer experience/retention

Business Development
Preparation for Investment

Jeannie is one of the most trustworthy and reliable advisors I’ve worked with in a long time. She says it like it is and I’m grateful to have her share her wisdom.

Robbi M., Entrepreneur


First session

30 minutes to get acquainted, understand your issues, and make recommendations.

No charge

Troubleshooting, Brainstorming, Counseling

A one-hour phone or video consultation to troubleshoot an acute problem, or for advice on a longer-term issue or plan.


Start Me Up School

One-hour phone or video problem-solving, motivation, and accountability session. One time per week for twelve weeks.


Fractional CEO/COO

For early stage startups only.

Terms and duration negotiable and subject to availability.